Tom Latourette

Tom Latourette

Managing Partner
M3 Learning

Tom Latourette has been a disciple of the M3 Learning process since 2000 when he was the VP of Sales and Marketing at SBR, Inc.  With over 30 years of marketing, sales and sales management experience, Tom is able to bring a unique, real world perspective to your M3 Learning experience.   His knowledgeable application of the ProActive solutions can make a big impact in your productivity either as a sales manager or a salesperson.

“As a former VP of Sales and someone who came up through the sales ranks of a growing organization, I understand all too well the challenges inherent in a management and sales career.  We were successful applying Skip’s teachings to our various companies.  Our sales and sales management team lived and breathed many of the key M3 tenants.  I believe I can bring that same culture and transfer of ownership to your organization”

m3 Learning


Leaders of organizations are asking us questions like:

  • How can I reliable and predictable increase revenue?
  • What metrics, measurements and motivations should I enact to make this happen?
  • How do I create a team of “A+” players and institute a high performance culture?


Our solutions change the way your sales teams will interact with their accounts.  Their relationships will be at higher levels, deeper, stronger and more collaborative.  The tools transform the way your team communicated at every level in the account and will give your team a framework with which to effectively engage, qualify and close more business.

In any engagement, the overarching M3 philosophy is customized for individual companies and industries.  Our training programs and workshops are finely tuned for short, powerful engagements or extended to enhance retention.  In addition, we offer coaching and consulting solutions for teams and individuals, along with powerful Keynote speeches to provide maximum impact for an event.

Subject Matter / Topics

  • ProActive Sales Management
  • Creating your Sales Roadmap
  • ProActive Selling
  • Creating and maintaining Sales Energy: Eliminating the “Maybes”
  • Above the Line Selling

Target Market: 

While all industries can benefit from our universal philosophy, we make the most impact with leaders of Sales Organizations who either aren’t happy with the results they are currently getting or are concerned that the “status quo” is changing within their existing environment.

Competitive Positioning: 

M3 works with companies as large as Google and WebEx to entrepreneurial start-ups.  Our philosophy is tool based and designed to be accessible for all skill levels.  Any individual or team will walk away from an M3 engagement with tactics, strategies and a solid game play they can employ immediately


Our pricing is easy and straightforward.  Training events / workshops utilize a combination of individual participant fees along with a daily speaking fee.  Coaching, consulting and keynote address charges vary by length of engagement and objectives.