Want More Sales in 2021?

Let the stars show you how.

The Star Guide Program is designed to help advisors, service professionals, coaches, and consultants implement a proven process to generate more leads and close more sales.

For many advisors, sales is hard. You have limited time. Limited budget. And no process to generate leads or close sales. So, your business starts to look like a roller coaster. Busy with client work. Then nothing. You strike gold again. Then nothing. The inconsistency keeps you up at night.

No more! We designed the Star Guide Program to help people like you put a successful process in place to get more control over your time, opportunities, and sales revenue for more predictable and sustainable growth. We know it works, because it’s how we generate sales ourselves.


The Star Guide is an accelerated, 10-week program that will give you the tools and techniques to become a Sales Superstar.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Targeting: Define the characteristics of those prospects … organizations and individuals … that would make for an AWESOME (“A”) customer.
  • Messaging: Create a “value proposition” for your business so that your target audience views your products/services as both important to their success and unique.
  • Sales Process Mapping: Identify and document the most direct path from prospect identification to making a sale.
  • Sales Success Scorecards: Identify and document the key “activities” and “results” that will lead to achieving sales success.
  • Generating Leads: Plan activities that attract, educate, and create demand for your products or services to develop a healthy sales pipeline.

The program includes five, 2-hour virtual education sessions every other week with an hour one-on-one session in between with your coach (Craig Lowder) to answer questions or give advice unique to your business. This format is specially designed to keep you moving forward towards your growth goals.

Program cost is $2,850.

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