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The Star Guide Program is designed to help small and mid-size business owners and sales leaders implement a proven process to generate more leads and close more sales.

Are your sales not growing as expected? Has the pandemic and shift to virtual selling impacted your ability to close sales? Not sure you have the right people on your sales team? Collecting data but not sure what it’s telling you? Frustrated with how long it takes to close a sale? Lack of new, quality leads?

I hear you. I’ve spent the past 33 successful years in senior sales leadership at small and mid-size businesses and as a strategic sales operations consultant. Without fail, the number one question I’m asked is – “Why aren’t my company’s sales growing as expected?”

My answer is always the same – You don’t have a proven system in place.

Sales is a process. To generate significant, predictable and sustainable sales growth your sales team needs to follow proven processes.

I can help. The Star Guide Program was designed to help companies like yours put a successful process in place to get more control over your time, opportunities, and sales revenue for more predictable and sustainable growth. Here are some examples of the 63 companies that have achieved outstanding results by implementing the Star Guide Program:

  • Increased annual sales for a communications technology company from $9.9 million to $21.6 million in two years, while increasing sales productivity by 65% and expanding the sales pipeline by 332% to $35.8 million over the same period of time.
  • Increased sales for a $1.8 million communications technology restart by 142% to $4.7 million within six months, resulting in the sale of this privately owned company.
  • Developed and launched a new sales strategy for a $175 million wholesale distribution company that achieved 122% of sales plan, increased gross margins by 12% and reduced sales expenses by 16% over a six-month period, resulting in the sale of this private equity owned company.


The Star Guide is an accelerated, 10-week program that will give you the tools and techniques to become a sales powerhouse.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Targeting: Define the characteristics of those prospects … organizations and individuals… that would make for an AWESOME (“A”) customer.
  • Messaging: Create a “value proposition” for your business so that your target audience views your products/services as both important to their success and unique.
  • Sales Process Mapping: Identify and document the most direct path from prospect identification to making a sale.
  • Sales Success Scorecards: Identify and document the key “activities” and “results” that will lead to achieving sales success.
  • People: Hiring and retaining the right people and skill sets for all your sales roles; creating compensation plans that incentivize the desired outcomes.

The program kicks off April 6, 2021. It includes five, 2-hour virtual education sessions every other week with an hour one-on-one session in between with your coach to answer questions or give advice unique to your business. This format is specially designed to keep you moving forward towards your growth goals.


What’s included:

  • Five, 2-hour virtual education sessions to share tips and techniques (Value $2,500)
  • Five, 1-hour individual sessions with your experienced coach (Value $1,250)
  • The STARS Guide workbook – with over 90 pages of knowledge and over 30 tools to use daily to help you achieve sustainable growth faster and easier (Value $4,000)

That’s a total value of $7,750 for just $2,850.

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Craig Lowder

About Your Star Guide Captain – Craig Lowder

“I love helping fellow advisors – coaches, service professionals, and consultants – achieve their sales goals and learn to love selling as much as I do.

It’s not an impossible mission! With a 30-year track record of helping business owners and sales teams achieve their goals, as author of the highly rated book Smooth Selling Forever, and as Founder and President of the Main Spring Sales Group, I’ve learned that success in sales comes down to three things: process, teamwork and access to experience that shortens the learning curve.

My clients move forward faster because of the valuable knowledge and experience I can uniquely share. I have a BS and MBA in marketing. I’ve also been mentored by some of the most prestigious business minds around – people like Brad Sugars, Verne Harnish, Larry Wilson and Keith Cunningham. Through my consulting, speaking and writing – my knowledge is now your knowledge.

Second, nothing beats experience. I have worked with over 50 companies in various industries from retail to manufacturing to financial services to business services, as well as helped fellow advisors implement the same process I use to generate sales. For every client, I have increased first year annual sales. Let me do the same for you.”

This is your opportunity to discover how to create significant, predictable, and sustainable sales growth. Don’t miss the boat. Register today.