Human-Centric Selling


  • Do you ever feel as if you’re unable to “connect” with your prospects, customers or clients?
  • Is it a challenge to understand what’s on your prospect’s, customer’s or client’s mind and…heart?
  • Are you not communicating your message – including your product, service or solution – with unwavering clarity, complete conviction and passion?

If you answered, “YES,” to any of these questions, then this Workshop is for you!


1.     Connect with your prospect, customer or client on a much deeper, impactful and engaging way than ever.
2.     Learn what’s on your prospect’s, customer’s or client’s mind and…heart very quickly.
3.     Communicate your message with clarity, conviction and passion.
4.     Ask deeper, more probing questions to build better relationships and move closer to the sale.
5.     Listen with greater intent and purpose to fully understand prospects, customers and clients.


Sales Executives, Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Inside Sales Representatives, Customer Service Managers, Customer Service Representatives


  • Customized, Modular Educational Workshops – ½ day, 1-day or 2-days
  • “Human-Centric Selling” Coaching Sessions – 3 months to 12 months (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)