Sales Management Coaching


  • Are you new to being a Sales Manager and been provided minimal guidance on your role?
  • Are you aware that your sales team is not responding to your leadership?
  • Are you not receiving the coaching you need to get to the next level?

If you answered, “YES,” to any of these questions, then this Workshop is for you!


  1. Eliminate the seven Sales Management Coaching missteps
  2. Implement seven vital Sales Coaching Management practices
  3. Transform from a manager to a coach
  4. Craft impactful coaching conversations
  5. Develop an accountability system that works


Sales Executives, Sales Directors, Sales Managers


  • Customized, Modular Educational Workshops – ½ day, 1-day or 2-days
  • “Sales Management Coaching” Coaching Sessions – 3 months to 12 months (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)