Craig Lowder

Smooth Selling Forever

I have a secret. I love selling.

But, what I love even more is helping small and mid-size businesses not only achieve their sales goals, but learn to love selling as much as I do.

It’s not an impossible mission. With a 30-year track record of helping business owners and sales teams achieve their goals, as author of the highly rated book Smooth Selling Forever, and as Founder and President of the Main Spring Sales Group, I’ve learned that success in sales comes down to three things: process, teamwork and access to experience that shortens the learning curve.

You can learn all about our proven process here.

As for teamwork, I firmly believe that teamwork is a critical component of success anywhere – whether that’s achieving business goals, competing in a sailing regatta, or even helping make your community a better place. Success comes to teams, not individuals. All successful people have support behind them.

So that leaves access to experience. My clients move forward faster because nothing beats experience. Making a mistake and learning from it is great. But what if you could avoid the mistake right up front?

The valuable experience I offer my clients is two fold. First, education. I have a BA in marketing and an MBA. But education doesn’t stop with school. I’ve also been mentored by some of the most prestigious business minds around – people like Brad Sugars, Verne Harnish, Larry Wilson and Keith Cunningham. Through my consulting, speaking and writing – my knowledge is now your knowledge.

Second, nothing beats experience in the work environment. I have worked with over 50 companies in various industries from retail to manufacturing to financial services to business services. For every client, I have increased first year annual sales by 22 to 142 percent. More specifically, I helped:

  • Increase annual sales from $9.9 million to $21.6 million in two years, while increasing sales productivity by 65% and expanding the sales pipeline by 332% to $35.8 million over the same time period for a communications technology company.
  • Improve the lead-to-customer conversion rate by 285%, increased average monthly new orders by 656%, and average order size by 464% during the first six-month time period following new sales strategy launch for a $15 million metal parts manufacturer.
  • Develop and launch a new sales strategy that achieved 122% of sales plan, increased gross margins by 12% and reduced sales expenses by 16% over a six-month period for a $175 million wholesale distribution company, resulting in the sale of this private equity owned company.

I have a lot more of these stories to share, if you would like to learn more about how I applied my leadership expertise in sales strategy development, sales-channel management, sales operations and even marketing to help businesses grow faster, check out my LinkedIn page –

But what I’d really is the opportunity to hear about your business and share ideas on how to build on your successes to grow to the next level. Give us a call today to start the conversation – 630-649-4943.